1. -Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival honoree 1994 (New York)

  2. -Chicago Latino Film Festival honoree 1994 (Chicago)

  3. -National Educational Film and Video Festival Award 1994 (California)

  4. -International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences honoree 1993 (Mexico)

  5. -Suffolk Film and Video Festival Award 1993 (New York)

  6. -Dreamspeakers Film Festival honoree 1994 (Canada)

  7. -Muestra Internacional de Cine Etnológico honoree 1996 (Granada, Spain)

  8. -American Anthropological Association Film & Video Festival honoree 1993 (Washington DC)

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  1. Recognitions & reviews for Transnational Fiesta: 1992

  1. “One viewing of this film should shatter any residual notions about indigenous communities as isolated and ‘traditional.’  This is a must-see film for anyone interested in indigenous culture, culture, migration, Andean communities or the ethnography of the transnational village in which we all now live.”

  2. -Michael Kearney, Prof. of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside

  3. “This wonderful film brings home the realities of transnational connections and Andean identities with a vibrant

  4. clarity that makes it a major contribution to the understanding of modern Latin America. Many anthropologists

  5. and filmmakers have portrayed Andean culture as static and doomed to disappear in the forward march of

  6. modernity. Full of vivid imagery, this superb film provides a very different view, showing the hybrid and

  7. dynamic quality of identity in highland South America and cracking apart the old stereotype of Andean

  8. parochialism and timelessness.”

  9. -Orin Starn, Prof. of Anthropology, Duke University

  10. “Timely and insightful...An invaluable tool in a spectrum of disciplines such as cultural anthropology,

  11. ethnic studies, Latin american studies, sociology and international relations.”

  12. -Andrei Simic, Prof. of Anthropology, University of Southern California

  1. Successful International Distribution

  2. Perhaps the greatest testimony to the impact that Transnational Fiesta: 1992 has had is found in the fact that it has been purchased by hundreds of universities and continues to sell almost twenty years after its release. It has been viewed by thousands of students and is still used in hundreds of classes across the U.S., Peru, and other countries.

  3. Among the institutions that have purchased it are the most prestigious private and public universities, such as Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Pomona, Occidental, University of Chicago, Bibliotheque National de France, New York University, Université de Montreal, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Georgetown, Wesleyan, University of New Mexico, Northwestern, Connecticut College, Bowdoin, University of Maine, University of Iowa, Colgate, University of California, University of New Hampshire, University of Wisconsin, Emory, George Mason, Vanderbilt, Vassar, University of Virginia, University of Kansas, University of Maryland, University of Illinois, University of Texas, University of Vermont, University of North Carolina, University of Connecticut, among many others.