1. News

We are pleased to announce the release of the Special Edition of Transnational Fiesta: Twenty Years Later. This new production contains two High Definition Blu-ray discs packed with original footage shot in Peru and the U.S. and options for English and Spanish subtitles.

The first disc includes an enhanced version of our 82-minute, award-winning film released last year, which offers a fresh look at the migrant Andean family and community in Maryland that we first documented in Transnational Fiesta: 1992.

The second disc contains nine “ethnographic visual footnotes”—short videos with a total duration of 100 minutes—that elaborate on the contents of the film, offering further details and insights into the migrant families, the community, and the fiesta itself. They include three family portraits and six cultural events (patron saint fiestas, eve celebrations, and a unique dance presentation at the National Museum of the American Indian), organized and conducted by the Cabaneño diaspora in Maryland in 2011 and 2012.

This unique collection is a great resource for researchers and students of anthropology, social sciences, cultural studies, Andean and Latin American studies, among others, and for anyone interested in transcultural dynamics, migration processes, intercultural relations, and the overall changing face of our globalized world.

For additional information and to order a copy, please CONTACT us.